"Accounts wont receive first distribution until payment threshold of $100 is reached. Eidolmusic will send an echosign receipt and upon confirmation of signature receipt user will receive paypal with no transfer fees for that exact t payment amount. Please review chart below for how royalties royalties flow. EIDOLMUSIC.COM pays royalties Quaterly!

Sales During This Month Are Received This Month Included In This Payment And Paid on This Date
December January    
January February Q1 May 15
February March    
March April    
April May Q2 August 14
May June    
June July    
July August Q3 November 14
August September    
September October    
October November Q4 February 14
November December    
Sales During This Quarter Are Received This Quarter And Paid on This Date
Q4 Q1 May 15
Q1 Q2 August 14
Q2 Q3 November 14
Q3 Q4 February 14